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Beginner's Guide

Need help with learning the language? Fortunately, this beginner's guide is targeted at those just learning to program and does not assume prior experience. However, those with programming experience will also find the appendices useful, as they contain tables of Wolfscript keywords, functions, and exceptions.

Keep in mind that this document is also in alpha. Although all the basic concepts are covered, the document does not cover more advanced material.


How do I install Wolfscript?
Just go to the download page and follow the link to the Google Play™ store (or search the store directly on your device), where you can download and install the application for free. Then just start it up!

What's all this "Expression," "Assignment," "Comment," etc. stuff when I go to write a new program and add a line?
I recommend reading the Beginner's Guide, but basically, every line added in Wolfscript IDE corresponds one-to-one with a line of code. All programs written with the application can be opened and read in any text editor. What Wolfscript IDE does is writes all the code you shouldn't need to. Since every keystroke on a phone can be frustrating (especially when writing code), you only have to type the bare minimum. For example, assignment lets you assign a value to a variable by entering in the variable name and the expression to assign to it, and Wolfscript will fill in the equal sign. Other "types" of lines or statements will fill in other things. As for what expression is, it's basically the catchall statement. Any line that doesn't fit in any of the other categories is an expression.

Can I use other programming languages with the IDE?
Currently, the only language supported is Wolfscript, but I am very interested in expanding the languages that you can work with, especially since I have heard of several languages coming to Android™. If you are working on one of these projects, feel free to send an email about this.

Can I build a GUI with Wolfscript to make graphical applications?
Not at this time. Wolfscript is only console-based at the moment, and until I add objects, this will not change. I do want to add this functionality at some point, but there are many steps to take first.

I noticed in that quicksort screenshot on the main page that arrays are being passed by value and not by reference. That's insanely slow! What are you doing?
As it is right now, all variables are passed by value, including arrays. Although this may be a nice simplification for those learning to program, I understand that it makes things very slow, and I am definitely considering changing that. I need to refactor the interpreter, and when I do that, I may change how arrays are implemented to pass by reference.