What is Wolfscript?

Wolfscript is a simple educational programming language that runs on Android™ devices. Wolfscript IDE is the development environment for Wolfscript that makes it easy to write code on a phone or tablet.

This project is currently in alpha, and it is the work of one person, so expect some quirks. Interested in contributing? If you are interested in this project, send an email to support@balancingcube.com. I may also open up the codebase and make this an open-source project in the future.


Wolfscript IDE running on a tablet in landscape mode, showing the menu to insert a new line:

Wolfscript IDE running on a tablet in portrait mode, showing an implementation of quicksort:

Wolfscript IDE running on a phone in portrait mode, featuring a recursive implementation to find fibonacci numbers:

The interactive terminal running on a phone: